Aisling & RubyOne Parent Holidays is an Irish based company set up by two friends, Aisling and Rose, to give single parents, lone parents and One Parent Families the opportunity to travel with their children one a One Parent Holiday without any of the hassle or expense they would normally experience when there is one parent rather than two.

Aisling is a working professional and single parent with a beautiful 4 year old girl and a love of traveling, and Rose is an entrepreneur with an existing website that already caters to weekends away all over the island of Ireland.

With their combined years of experience in the travel industry they decided to pool their resources and create One Parent Holidays, a site that brings all the travel information for one parent families together, give them a forum to share experiences, post advice, share holidays with other single parent families as a tour group, and find holidays that are specifically catered to their needs.


While the majority of rates advertised by other properties and agents are aimed at a minimum two adults traveling together, we at One Parent Holidays have decided to have all of our rates priced to suit the single parents. So there are no single supplements. You’re not charged for adults who are not traveling, what a concept!

Children of all ages are catered for, all activities, entertainment and even child-minding if requested. All of your children’s needs, for all ages, so there’s no surprises when you reach your child friendly One Parent Holidays destination, and the property will have all of your children’s ages before your arrival.

We can arrange activities for your children on your leisure break or holiday abroad, entertainment for you, and guarantee all of our One Parent Holidays properties are visited before being added to our site, to make sure they’re up to our high standards for you and your children.

Most importantly, your One Parent Family Holiday is specifically tailored to suit you, as the single parent, to make sure you and your family get everything you are hoping for out of your holiday or leisure break.


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