11 of our favourite April Fools Day pranks for kiddies …have fun!!

1. ‘Ice Cream’ Sundaemashedpotatosundaespurple

Some delicious mashed potatoes and creamy gravy, with a cherry tomato on top to finish it off!

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2. The Sleeping Mousefunny-mouse-paper-struggle-friend

Watch your victim play with the mouse for ages,

before picking it up only to see this:

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3. The Exploding Cakefunny-cake-balloon-explosive

For the more adventurous prankster, expect a mess!

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4. Frozen Breakfast Cerealenhanced-10849-1395794400-8

A harmless, funny prank for kids of all ages

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5. Good Morning!!

Fix a party popper to your kids door, that’ll wake them up 🙂edit-5943-1395813836-22

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6. Your feet are so big today!

Stuff toilet paper into the toes of your kids shoes,enhanced-14020-1395813964-4 and don’t forget to point out their big feet first thing in the morning.

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7. Weird Milk

Put a few drops in the bottom of the cereal bowl, then cover with cereal.  enhanced-6168-1395809011-4

When they pour the milk in it turns a weird color. Lovely.

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8. enhanced-buzz-5338-1395808476-12A Chocolate Treat                                                                                                                                                                                  

Tell the kids you’ve made them a tray of ‘Brownies’

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9. enhanced-buzz-8079-1395791257-8Suddenly Everyone’s Staring….

This might be the cutest one, put googly eyes on everything in the fridge!

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10. enhanced-buzz-24655-1395809781-12Suck it up!

Make jelly in a glass with a straw sticking into it, watch them suck away.

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11. enhanced-buzz-20203-1395854397-27What an expensive present!

Tell your child you bought them an iPad 🙂

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We all love a good giggle, and there’s nothing better than sending the kids to school with a smile, without playing any mean tricks on them.

Happy April Fools Day!!