Athens, July 2018

For a holiday with a difference, join us on July 21st for 7 nights in the spectacular city of Athens, in Greece. We have found a centrally located hotel, which welcomes you in the heart of the Greek capital and the famous historical center of Athens. The city is globally admired for her rich historical and cultural heritage, and the location of this hotel is more than ideal to navigate and explore.

The hotel features single, double, triple and quadruple rooms fully equipped and renovated, and all have balconies overlooking the streets around, many of them provide a unique view of the Acropolis. Internet access and safety deposit boxes are free of charge.

This is the perfect spot to stay in the city center of Athens, offering immediate access to the commercial and historical center. The hotel offers high quality services and has a restaurant, bar, cafeteria, breakfast room and meeting room, and of course the roof garden that operates from May to September is a unique selling point.

Lie on a lounger and enjoy the summer sun as well as the cool feeling that the pool and breezy refreshments offer. At night the city lights, the moon and their reflections on the pool create the perfect atmosphere to unwind and let go. All day long the uninterrupted views of the Acropolis and the Lycabettus Hill are magnificent, making the rooftop an always‐exciting place to be.

The guests during their stay can enjoy the restaurant’s menu that operates in the public areas of the hotel, offering a wide variety of dishes and popular tastes from Greek cuisine. At the same place breakfast is served in the morning.

So once you have explored your hotel, all of Athens is on your doorstep just waiting to be discovered. History and culture are in abundance, everywhere you look, but there are also activities and entertainment for children all over the city which will definitely keep them active and excited about their Greek adventure.

The Playmobil Fun Park is just outside the city, and a paradise for your children, especially if they enjoy playing with the Playmobil figurines. Using games, constructions and Playmobil figures, children can create new designs, play games with others and expand their creative powers. There are also activities and games for children from 18 month to 3 years so that everyone (including parents, who can sit at the playground café) can have a great time.

The Children’s Museum is oriented to children up to 12 years of age, parents, educators and anyone else interested in learning, and the exhibits are specially designed to meet the needs and capabilities of children. Three-dimensional structures enable children to use all five senses in discovering elements of the world around them. The themes of exhibits are derived from children’s interests, their day-to-day life and the needs of their educators. Through their interaction with exhibits at the Hellenic Children’s Museum, children acquire knowledge of their natural, man-made and social environment, while improving their skills and establishing their personality. Examples of exhibit themes at the Children’s Museum include “Loft”, “The Deep”, “Kitchen” and “Shadows”.

The Center of the Earth Park is a green space spanning over 25,000 square meters where children and adults can learn to respect and protect the environment by learning sustainable development techniques. Located less than 10 kilometers away from Athens, the park features a vegetable garden, an olive grove as well as exhibits of historical farming equipment. It also includes facilities where seminars and activities on sustainability are organized, where children can participate in cooking workshops or enjoy themselves with environmental games and guided tours.

The Athens Planetarium is an impressive facility that is often overlooked when it comes to sightseeing. This imposing structure boasts a central dome of 25 metres in diameter and has a surface area of 935 square metres. Offering a stunning visual trip to the stars and into the Universe, the planetarium is an excellent day trip option for children once they’re tired of the sea or ancient ruins.

Allou Fun Park is one of the top entertainment parks in Greece, with adrenaline-pumping rides, crazy spinning swings and water rafting fun. Kidom is the kingdom for kids where younger children can enjoy carousel rides, the Toto Express or the Trambolini.

Based in an old factory in Athens, Cado Paradiso is made of 90% upcycled material. The playground features trampolines made of tires, plastic bottle puzzles, and PVC tube slides. Children can have fun with DIY toys and learn geography, physics, or biology as well as take part in politics though a series of workshops aiming to foster learning in an unconventional environment. At Cado Paradiso, even adults can have fun as age doesn’t matter, all you need is a little bit of imagination.

So join us for this amazing holiday, as usual, FLIGHTS ARE NOT INCLUDED but at the time of going to press were just €164 from Dublin. Prices are per family for 7 nights B&B including transfers from Athens Airport as follows:

1 adult & 1 child – €615

1 adult & 2 children – €825

1 adult & 3 children – €1075

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