August 2018

It’s the peak month of the year for travel, and we’ve found some belters for you to choose from if you’re still hankering for a Summer holiday:

Gran Canaria, August 2nd 2018

Glamping in Rome, August 3rd 2018

Fuerteventura, August 9th 2018

Caves in Andulcia, August 10th 2018




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  1. Lorraine O'Reardon says:

    Hi Rose

    Just wondering if anyone has booked any holidays for August 2018 . If a parent and a girl around 11 yrs old is going anywhere could you let me know as I will have an 11 year old and shes looking for some company

  2. Hi Rose, looking for something mid to late aug before kids go back to school, have a seven year old boy, would love ten nights somewhere if anything was going please do let me know!


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