Christmas Competition 2017 – WINNER!

The Winner is…

Stephanie Hanley-Baird!!!

Congratulation Stephanie, and thanks to everyone who entered!

Another lovely competition, just in time for Christmas! This is a hamper of loveliness, with plenty of goodies for everyone, posted right to your door. Re-gift any or all of these, or of course keep it all to yourselves, but whatever you decide to do, this is a very exciting parcel to get from your Postie!

Included in the Christmas Hamper:

  • Small Colourful Wooden Spinning Top
  • Smartphone LED Flash & Fill selfie light
  • Colourful Wooden Puzzle/Jigsaw
  • Hot Wheels ‘Street Beasts’ Dragon Blaster
  • ‘Little Pirate’ Skull-Shaped Soap-on-a-Rope
  • Spy Glasses – see what’s behind you without turning around!
  • Colourful Plastic Building Shapes
  • ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ Children’s Book with 5 Jigsaw Puzzles telling the story
  • Box of Lindor Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles 200g
  • 3 x ‘Mars’ Selection Boxes
  • 3 x Inflatable Festive Antlers
  • 3 x Inflatable Santa Beards
  • HD Vehicle Black Box DVR – Full HD 1080; Supports up to 32GB; AUI Video Formatting; High Speed Recording; USB Movie 2.0

So how do you win this? Easy-Peasy, just answer the following question in the comments below, winner will be chosen at random on Monday December 18th and then contacted for an Irish postal address in order to have it sent out ASAP!!

We have THREE Sun Holidays over the Easter mid-term in 2018, can you name them all?

(Click here for our Easter Holidays 2018)

Answer in the comment section below, winner will be chosen at random on Monday December 18th.

Good Luck!!


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  1. Michelle Daly says:

    Lanzarote, Malta & Majorca

  2. Joanne Shannon says:

    Malta, Lanzarote & Majorca

  3. Niamh Farrell says:

    Malta, Lanzarote & Majorca ☀☀

  4. Susi infanger says:

    Lanzarote, Malta and Majorca

  5. Malta Lanzarote and Majorca

  6. Sonya Finnegan says:


  7. Caroline Reilly says:

    Lanzarote, Malta & Majorca

  8. Nicola Beggs says:

    Majorca, Malta, Lanzarote

  9. In no particular order : Lanzarote, Malta and Majorca 🙂

  10. Efteling, Malta and Legoland thank you

  11. lanzorote malta and majorca

  12. Deirdre Flanagan says:

    Lanzarote, Malta and Majorca!

  13. would love to win this for me and my 4 kids

  14. Adele Meenan says:

    Malta March 26th, Majorca March 30th, Lanzarote March 27th.

  15. Malta, lanzarote and Majorca

  16. Fiona Bracken says:

    Malta, Lanzarote & Majorca

  17. Lanzarote, Majorca, Malta

  18. Magdalena Graszk says:

    Lanzarote, Malta and Majorca 🙂

  19. leanne oreilly says:

    lanzarote Malta Majorca

  20. jeanne moore says:

    Lanzarote, Malta and Majorca!

  21. Ciara Carpenter says:

    Lanzarote, Malta & Majorca

  22. Isabelle Murphy says:


  23. Ursula Hughes says:

    Malta, lanzarote & majorca

  24. Selina O'Leary says:

    Malta, Lanzarote and Majorca xx

  25. Marianne Gilligan says:


  26. tracey berns says:

    Malta, Majorca & Lanzarote

  27. Claire Coughlan says:

    Lanzerote, Malta and Majorca

  28. Stephanie Hanley-Baird says:

    Malta, Lanzarote & Majorca

  29. Malta, Lanzarote and Majorca

  30. Lanzarote, Majorca and Malta

  31. Malta, lanzerote and Majorca

  32. Stella Huane says:

    Lanzarote, Majorca and Malta

  33. Malta, lanzarote, Majorca…is the 3 sun holidays for Easter mid term…

  34. Bernie O Shea says:

    Malta, Majorca, Lanzarote

  35. Lanzarote,

  36. Cliona Whelan says:

    Majorca, lanzorate and Malta

  37. Claire Murphy says:

    Lanzarote Malta and Majorca

  38. Lanzorete malta majorca

  39. Malta

  40. Majorca,lanzarote,malta

  41. Malta, Majorca,and Lanzarote.

  42. Kasi Stevens says:

    Majorca lanzorate and Malta

  43. Lanzorate, Malta & Majorca

  44. Maria McGoldrick says:

    Lanzorate, Malta & Majorca

  45. Julie Stuart says:

    Hi there,
    those fabulous Easter hols are
    Majorca, Malta and Lanzarote
    Merry Christmas Lads 🙂

  46. Malta, Lanzarote, Majorca

  47. Lanzorete, Malta,Majorca

  48. Lanzarote, Malta & Majorca

  49. Audrey Minto says:

    Lanzarote; Malta; Majorca

  50. fiona taylor says:


  51. Lanzarote, Malta and Majorca

  52. Johnny Lonergan says:

    Lanzarote, Malta & Majorca

  53. Sabrina byrne says:

    Majorca lazarote malta

  54. Lanzarote, Malta & Majorca

  55. Mary E O Callaghan says:

    Lanzarote Malta and majorca. Happy jingles to you all

  56. Tracey Keating says:

    Lanzarote, Malta and Majorca

  57. James Mulligan says:

    Lanzarote, Malta & Majorca

  58. Paul O'Halloran says:

    Majorca, Malta, Lanzarote

  59. Helen O'Shea says:


  60. Ailish Murphy says:

    Majorca, Malta and lanzarote

  61. Caroline Murphy says:

    Malta Lanzarote Majorca

  62. Caroline Murphy says:

    Lanzarote Malta Majorca

  63. Peggy Hughes says:


  64. Sharon Keogh says:

    Lanzarote, Malta & Majorca

  65. Oh wow!!! Lots of goodies
    Easter in
    Would be fantastic!

  66. Malta
    Lovely prize

  67. Sol Villalba says:

    Majorca, Lanzarote & Malta!

  68. Malta, Lanzarote and Majorca.

  69. Sinéad Nelson says:

    The three holidays are:Majorca, Lanzarote and Malta. Fab prize!

  70. Deirdre Mcdonagh says:

    Malta, Lanzarote and Majorca.


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