Christmas Giveaway!!

Christmas Giveaway!!


We have our winners!

Big Hero 6 Nightlite:

  • Ailbhe Martyn
  • Hazel Dillon
  • Mairead White
  • Patricia Murphy
  • Susan Walsh

Christmas Snap Bracelets:

  • Sinead Ryan
  • Caitriona Dennehy
  • Lisa Hendrick


  • Aisling Conroy




We’re having a Christmas Giveaway!

To celebrate our new Gift Vouchers page, where we’re now selling Gift Vouchers online, we’re going to give away some lovely stocking stuffers in plenty of time for the Big Day.

Christmas Giveaway Number 1!

There are 5 of these adorable Big Hero 6 Night Lights, including adapter, just waiting to be posted to all corners of the land.


The only hiccup with these cuties, are that when they attach to the Irish sockets, having added the adaptor, they look like this:


But if they’re facing your child in the bed they’ll look upright, so it’s all good!

If you’d like to win one of these you have until Wednesday December 7th when I’ll choose 5 random winners from the list. Winners will be contacted by email and must be on our mailing list to enter, if you’re one of the lucky winners I’ll ask for your address and the item will be posted within 24hours.

Just answer the following question in the comments below: (click the link for a hint!)

Gift Vouchers are available in what euro amounts?

Christmas Giveaway Number 2!

Ok, While the first competition is still running, I’m throwing another one into the mix! This time it’s a Christmas Snap Bracelet we’re giving away, four to be exact, for each winner!


A gorgeous little accessory for any Christmas outfit, these bracelets fit everyone, and who doesn’t like a lovely Snap Bracelet?

So, in order to have four of these lovelies sent to three lucky families, it’s another extremely difficult question, answers in the comments below….

If you’ve been very good this year, and someone gives you a One Parent Holidays Gift Voucher for Christmas, which holiday in 2017 will you spend it on?

Christmas Giveaway Number 3!

Our last stocking stuffer giveaway is here, and by this evening all the goodies will be winging their way across the country, so if you want to be one of the lucky ones this is your last chance!

For the third and final competition is as adorable as the first two, the prize is a pair of gorgeous miniature Transformers, measuring just 2 inches when they’re transformed back to their secret selves. The first is the ever-popular Optimus Prime, you might have heard of him…


And the second is a good old-fashioned police car. Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Christmas!


In order to win both of these amazing toys, just answer the following question in the comments below: (click the question for a hint!)

What three words would you use to describe our new Christmas Vouchers?

Good Luck!


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  1. Ursula Hughes says:

    €25, €50, €100

  2. Michelle nally says:

    €25. €50 €100.

  3. Magdalena Graszk says:

    €25, €50, €100. It would be great to win 🙂

  4. caitriona grant says:

    25e 50e 100e

  5. 25, 50 and 100 euro vouchers (can’t use euro sign on my ‘puter)!!

  6. €25,€50 and €100 are the available amounts

  7. Michelle Daly says:

    €25,€50 & €100!!!

  8. €25 €50 €100 I’m hoping the hints have been heard…and il be using them for Rome!!

  9. €25, €50 and €100 vouchers

  10. I’d use the voucher for the tropical island trip to Germany. My sister went last year and it sounds incredible

  11. Ailbhe Martyn says:

    It would have to be the trip to Lanzorote

  12. Mairead White says:

    €25, €50, €100 vouchers!

  13. €25, €50,€100 vouchers

  14. €25, €50, €100 and a trip to Legoland

  15. Patricia Murphy says:

    €25, €50 and €100

  16. Patricia Murphy says:

    NYE Mayo sounds great

  17. Audrey Minto says:


  18. Absolutely feckin brilliant! (As is prize for this…) Xx happy Christmas Rose

  19. €25, €50, €100

  20. Hazel dillon says:

    25euro 50euro and 100euro and Legoland trip is my princess’s dream.


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