One Parent Holidays Community Forum

We’re very excited here in One Parent Holidays HQ, because we have some great news for everyone!

Just this weekend we have finally added the community forum to our website, and we can’t wait for you all to join. It means that anyone can log in and start a conversation, add a new topic, ask a question, or just meet other single Mams and Dads to share your experiences of being a full or part-time parent.

We have started the forum off with a general topic, allowing each one parent family to introduce themselves to the community, and each other. Here you can arrange holiday’s together, share any special offers or new destinations you have discovered, and very soon we’ll have much more information on holidays abroad for you to browse through.

Another topic is of course the upcoming Group Trip to Kilkenny! This is the perfect place to meet other parents that are going on the Group Trip, so you can chat about your children, plan an evening out together in Kilkenny, arrange a day trip before arrival, or ask Aisling and Rose any questions you might have about booking it.

We would like to invite all of you to join in the conversation, start a forum topic about whatever is interesting to you, advice about parenting styles, the best destinations for travelling abroad with children, handy tips about the best kiddies entertainment, keeping a teenager from getting bored, the list is endless!

As the community forum grows, the topics will expand to include all sorts of conversations, and we’ll invite Travel Agents to post their best offers directly on the page for you. The more traffic we have on the site, the more Travel Agents will want to compete for your business and help plan your family holiday, so get to chatting among yourselves!

Our next newsletter at the end of March will include some great deals for holidays abroad in the summer of 2014, as well as another Group Trip in Ireland for a few days, so there’s plenty to look forward to.