Easter Competition 2018!!

We have a WINNER!!!!

Congratulations to Jannet Aylward, the prize is on its way to you!!!

One of my very favourite parts about this job is giving away freebies, and this time I’m using Easter as an excuse! Take a look at what I’ve packed into a lovely Easter bundle for you this year:

How would you like to find this parcel on your doorstep full of the following loveliness..

  • 1 x Bag Funsize Maltesers
  • 1pk x 5 Cadbury’s Creme Eggs
  • 1 x Box Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers
  • 1 box Marshmallow Easter Eggs
  • 6 x Boxed Easter Eggs
  • 1 x Children’s Tidy All Playmat – approx 140cm diameter
  • 1 x box wearable Drink Mats – Animal Themed
  • 1 x box wearable Drink Mats – Funny Faces
  • 4 x Vintage Collection Mini Puzzles – Ladybird Fairytale Collections (88-piece ea)
  • 1pk x 10 Easter Sctrtch Art Magnets
  • 1pk x 24 Temporary Fun Tattoos
  • 1pk Stretchy  Fluffy Sheep
  • 1 x Sports HD DV Mini DV Camera Full HD 1920 x 1080. This tiny HD Camera can be used to record high definition video under low-light, can continuously record for 100 minutes after charging, perfect for Dashcam, Security, Nanny Surveillance, and so much more!


I have this fantastic collection of goodies for one lucky family, all wrapped up and ready to post anywhere in Ireland, just answer this really difficult question in the comments below:

What is the name of the Resort we’re heading to in Fuerteventura, on July 19th and again on August 9th 2018?

Click here for a hint..



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  1. Sarah-Kate says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

  2. Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

  3. Jannet Aylward says:

    Origo Mare Village.

    Fantastic prize.

  4. Caroline Reilly says:

    Origo Mare Village

  5. Furteventura origo mare village

  6. Sandy Dempsey says:

    Hi there,
    Fuerteventura Origo Mare village,
    Good luck to all

  7. Fuerteventura
    Origo Mare Village

  8. Fiona Taylor says:

    Origo Mare village

  9. Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

  10. Marianne Jackman says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare Village

  11. Sonya finnegan says:

    Origo mare village

  12. CLAIRE GUTHRIE says:

    Origo mare village

  13. Natalie Duffy says:

    Origo Mare Village

  14. Marie Hession says:

    Your going to Fuerteventura Origo Mare Village.

  15. Hi there. Great competition. Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

    Good luck all.

  16. Fuerteventura Origio Mare Village!

  17. Sinead Corrigan says:

    Origio Mare

  18. Ciara Carpenter says:

    Origo Mare Village

  19. Trina Clarke says:

    Fuerteventura Origio Mare Village, lovely prize!

  20. Catherine Bourke says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare Village

    Fabulous prize!

  21. Eileen Brady says:

    Origo Mare Village

  22. Selina O'Leary says:

    Origo Mare Village 🙂 🙂

  23. Ailish Murphy says:

    Origo Mare village, Fuerteventura.
    Fab prize good luck everybody!

  24. Deirdre Flanagan says:

    Origo Mare resort

  25. Ursula Hughes says:

    Origo Mare

  26. Audrey Minto says:

    Origo Mare Resort

  27. Origin Mare village

  28. Oops, meant origo mare

  29. The Origo Mare village is the answer to you fabulous competition

  30. Esther Hayden says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

  31. Sinead Nelson says:

    It’s the fuerteventura Origo Mare village! Fab prize

  32. Deirdre Mcdonagh says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

  33. Origo mate village

  34. Deirdre Mcdonagh says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

  35. Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

  36. Imelda Scully says:

    Origo mare village fuerteventura

  37. Fuerteventura.
    Origo Mare Village.

  38. Terry Kerins says:

    Origo Mare Feurteventura.

    Great destination & super prizes!

  39. Origo mare village

  40. Susan Lavelle says:

    Origo Mare village

  41. James Coffey says:

    Origo mare village

  42. Suzanne Barrett says:

    Origo Mare village

  43. Origo Mare village

  44. Emma Murphy says:

    The Fuerteventura Origo Mare village.

  45. Origo Mare Village

  46. Denise o'Reilly says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare village,

  47. Alison Nash says:

    Origo Mare village

  48. Trina downey says:

    Origo Mare village. Fingers crossed x

  49. Origo Mare village

  50. Anne arraj says:

    Origo mare village xx

  51. Gillian Carolan says:

    Origo mare village

  52. Origo Mare village

  53. Grace Grant says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare village is the answer 😉

  54. Anita Foran says:

    Origo Mare Village

  55. Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

  56. Origo mare village

  57. Fuerteventura Origo Mare Village

  58. Siobhan Finn says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

  59. Fuerteventura Origo Mare Village

    Thank you

  60. Saffron Roche says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare Village

  61. Caroline Dunne says:

    Origo mate village

  62. Fuerteventura Origo Mare village – great prize !!

  63. Anna marie Emerson says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

  64. Michelle Murray says:

    Origo Mare village
    Fab prize Rose

  65. Fuerteventura Origo Mare village 🙂

  66. Helen O Shea says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Made Village!!!

  67. Aoife Delaney says:

    Origo Mare village

  68. Caroline Morrin says:

    It’s the Origo Mare Village!

  69. Lucy Tennant says:

    Origo mare

  70. Julie Stuart says:

    Origo Mare Village

  71. Sarah McNally says:

    Origo mare village

  72. Donna Caldwell says:

    Origo Mare Village

  73. Susan Duffin says:

    Fuertevenura Orega Mare village!

  74. Nieve Malone says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

  75. Sian Gwyther says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare Village

  76. Origa Mare village

  77. Kim Mitchell says:

    Origio Mare Village

  78. michelle lordan says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

  79. Sarah Heinzl says:

    Fuerteventura Origo Mare village

  80. Susan walsh says:

    Origo Mare Village

    Fab prize rose
    Happy holidays to you & thank you for all the happy holidays…xx

  81. Lorraine flynn says:

    Fuerteventura origo mate village

  82. Lorraine flynn says:

    Origo mare village

  83. Patricia Wrafter says:

    Origo Mare village

  84. Davida Oneill says:

    Fuerteventura Origa Mare Village

  85. Davida Oneill says:

    Origo Mare Village

  86. Clare Howden says:

    Fuerteventura Origa Mare Village ☀️

  87. Michelle Thornton says:

    Origo Mare Village


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