Efteling Theme Park & Resort, August 2016

Efteling Theme Park & Resort, August 2016

We may be out-doing ourselves again here, because this is heaven on earth for children and we’re making a return trip! We have found an amazing Theme Park & Resort in The Netherlands, and sent 11 families there over Easter 2016. It was such a success we’re planning a return trip August 5th and you’re all invited!

This place has everything you might expect of a traditional Dutch countryside. Windmills, tulips and some beautiful scenery, but so much more than that is waiting for you.


Your accommodation is a 3 or 4-bed Lakeside Lodge, just a few minutes walk from the Resort and Theme Park. Your package includes entry to the Park for all four days of your stay, and it still might not be enough time.

Endless entertainment, rides, shows, and everything your children could dream of is just everywhere, and there are no charges for the rides, they’re all included in your entry to the Park!

10658836_10152827966978854_1575700587204636014_oFairy Folk, Gnomes and Goblins are scattered all over the Park, telling stories and quietly going about their business in this enchanted location.


A Roller Coaster ride called The Baron is 130 seconds of thrills and excitement. You, the ‘Miners’ are on a 37.5m free fall into the mining shaft to search for gold, then there’s a half-loop, a weightless-inducing corkscrew roll, and then you’re safely deposited back to earth. Not for the faint-hearted.


Another roller coaster is a double-wooden track, with riders on each, both competing in a race to the finish. A Dragon with power over water and fire threatens the kingdom, so you must protect your king!


If something more serene is your thing, then head to the flying Thai Temple, which will gently raise you above the park and rotate, so you can see all the places you’ve already visited that day, before slowly descending back to earth.


Another lovely quiet activity is a cruise on the lake or a trip on the Park Steam Train.

Stoomtrein _72dpi_1280x887px_E_NR-2772

There really is something for everyone here. Relax in one of the many eateries while the children are entertained…


…or have a picnic at the lodge while the kids go wild in the playground.

There’s a carousel…

Anton Pieckplein_1280x853px_E_NR-7979

The longest swinging boat ride in the world…

Halve Maen_72dpi_1280x961px_E_NR-2500

Some white water rapids…


And of course, plenty of roller coasters…

Sloep in bocht de Vliegende Hollander_1280x853px_E_NR-8630

This is just a little of what you can expect, and if you want to see what else they have to offer, take a look at their complete list of attractions here, or download their handy app here!

All rides in the park are included in your entry ticket, so the only extras you have to worry about are food and drink, and of course souvenirs 🙂


But now lets look into the amazing accommodation. These spacious lodges are either 3 or 4 bedrooms, with plenty of room for everyone to spread out and relax.

Boshoeve interieur_1280x853px_E_NR-12652

Comfortable twin, double and bunk beds make for a very pleasant stay in a stunning location.

Boshuys water VIP 8 personen_1280x853px_E_NR-12007

All mod cons are provided, so you can go completely self-catering in the safe knowledge that everything you need is right there.

Boshoeve interieur_1280x855px_E_NR-12659

A water show like no other is celebrated throughout your stay, with spectacular lights and music co-ordinated with water jets and culminating in an eye-popping display to end your day at the park.


As usual, FLIGHTS ARE NOT INCLUDED, but at the time of going to press, they’re quite affordable, coming in at less than €75 per person. You’d be flying into Eindhoven Airport on Friday August 5th and returning to Ireland on Monday August 8th, with airport transfers included each way. Entry to the Theme Park is included for Friday to Monday inclusive, with all rides and activities included so the only thing you need to spend money on is food and souvenirs.

So to include 3 nights self-catering, airport transfers from Eindhoven Airport and 4 days Theme Park Entry during your stay, prices are as follows:

1 adult & 1 child – €405

1 adult & 2 children – €535

1 adult & 3 children – €635

Contact Us Now for booking details!


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  1. Hey I would be interested in this my daughter is 5years old.

  2. Denise coffey says:

    Can you send me on the booking details

    • Hi Denise, the dates have now changed to August 5th, are you still interested? Also, can you let me know your children’s names and ages?

  3. sorry didn’t read it properly the transfer is included

  4. Hi there really interested in this trip I have a 10 year old daughter was wondering was there any other children that age showing an interest in the trip

    • Hi Caroline, at the moment there are three boys aged 8, 9 & 11yrs, and the eldest girl is 7yrs old. Let me know if you’d like the booking details sent on 🙂

  5. Hi Rose, is this suitable for a 14 year old, I think my son would love it but not sure if he would be too old

    • Hi Angela, according to the group who just returned from there this place is good for older and younger children, as there are plenty of bigger rides to keep the older children occupied 🙂 Will I send you on the booking details?

  6. Hi Rose,
    I am really interested in the Efteling trip in August, I have an 11 year girl and a 13 year old boy. I need to check out flights etc. Are there any comments from those who went over Easter? I am interested in cost/availability of food, evening enterteinment etc. Thanks

  7. Edyta Korzeniowska says:

    Is this trip still available? If so can I get more details please

  8. Hi Rose,
    Is there an option of choosing just 2 or 3 day passes? I see the park opens at 10am and closes at 6pm so Monday would def be out as the flight back to Dublin is at 11am. Arriving at
    3pm on the Friday afternoon also leaves very little time if any.


    • Hi Eileen, unfortunately not, I’ve tried it all! There are limited arrival and departure flights to Eindhoven on Friday’s and Monday’s, which are the only two check-in dates they accept at Efteling. One of the parents over Easter chose to fly to an alternative airport a day early and make her own way to the Resort, arriving at approximately 1pm on the Friday, so you could consider that as an option?

      • hi I think in august the park opens till 8 not 6 as it will be summer times

      • Hi Rose, thanks a million !! I think Caroline is right – the park is open late over the Summer months. Yes Midnight could be interesting !!!!
        When is the latest you can accept bookings for this trip
        Rose ?
        Are you thinking of doing the same trip over Halloween Mid-Term?

        Tks again


        • Hi Eileen, I’d need to have deposit for the August trip in the next two weeks because after that I’ll have to close the bookings. I’ve also just today added another Efteling trip for the October mid-term 🙂

  9. I looked up summer times the park is open 10 till 8 Friday 5th Aug, Saturday 6th its open 10 till midnight and then sunday 7th 10 till 8
    At least its open for that bit later in the summer and midnight on Saturday sounds good

  10. Gary Brennan says:

    Hi Rose
    I would be interested in this trip if there is still available (1 adult + 1 child). Could you send me on booking details. My daughter is 8 so she would love this.

  11. Brian Cassidy says:

    Hi I have a 5yo though she will be 6 by August and woukd definitley be interested-but theres no way Im going on the big roller coaster

    • lol! Hi Brian, I’ll send you on the booking details now. The Resort is perfect for kids of all ages, so there are plenty of rides and attractions that aren’t nearly as big as the Python Roller Coaster.


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