Friday Competition

Friday Competition


The last winner in our 3rd Birthday Celebrations is

Tracey Berns!!!


The last competition is here, and as promised, the prize will not disappoint. This is just for the mammies and daddies, to take your best friend, family member or significant other on a fantastic Spa Package night away, or gift it to a well deserved pair of people who need a Spa Break.

thermal suite

Clayton Whites of Wexford have given us a voucher to cover two adults for one night B&B in their fantastic 4* Hotel & Leisure Centre, which is amazing enough, but that’s not all. They have included a multitude of Spa Treatments for you both too!

man massage

The amazing spa experience includes 1 hour in the relaxing thermal suite followed by a refreshing lime exfoliation, soothing coconut melt wrap AND a slumber inducing Indian head massage.



Situated in the heart of Wexford Town, the 4 star Clayton Whites Hotel is perfectly located for a wonderful breakaway and home to one of the South East’s premier spas.

To win this amazing prize, simply answer the following question:

What is the name of the Spa in Clayton Whites Hotel?

Write your answer in the comments below, winner will be chosen at random at noon on Monday September 12th. GOOD LUCK!


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  1. The Tranquillity Spa

  2. The Tranquillity Spa

  3. Olivine Finn says:

    Tranquillity Spa

  4. Marie Hession says:

    The tranquillity Spa

  5. Sandra Langan says:

    The Tranquillity Spa

  6. The Tranquillity Spa

  7. Patricia Murphy says:

    The Tranquility Spa

  8. Lisa LEstrange says:

    Tranquility spa

  9. The Tranquility spa

  10. The Tranquillity Spa

  11. Tranquility Spa

  12. Samantha Jackson says:

    The name is the spa in Clayton White’s Hotel is The Tranquillity Spa.
    Looks amazing… FAB prize

  13. The tranquillity spa

  14. The Tranquility Spa

  15. Tranquillity spa

  16. The Tranquil Spa

  17. The tranquillity spa

  18. Sharon Crandall says:

    Tranquillity Spa! X

  19. The tranquillity spa. Fingers crossed for treat for my amazing sis. Xx

  20. Tracey Berns says:

    The tranquillity spa

  21. jeanne moore says:

    It is called the tranquility spa and never has a name sounded so inviting. I could really do with this one.

  22. Caitriona Haberlin says:

    The Tranquility Spa

  23. James Coffey says:

    The tranquility spa.

  24. The Tranquillity Spa

  25. The Tranquillity spa

  26. Margaret Walsh says:

    Tranquility Spa

  27. The tranquility spa. Really need this now

  28. Vanessa O Callaghan says:

    It is called the Tranquillity Spa…
    Ohhh my god, what an amazing prize, just what I could do with right now 🙂

  29. The Tranquility Spa.

  30. TheTranquility Spa

  31. The tranquility spa

  32. Ann-Marie Vereker says:

    The Tranquillity Spa

  33. Catherine darby says:

    The tranquility spa

  34. Michelle hayes says:

    The tranquillity spa

  35. The tranquillity spa:)

  36. Jennifer Collopy says:

    The Tranquillity Spa. Sounds amazing

  37. Cathy O'Loughlin says:

    Tranquillity spa. What a fab prize.

  38. Janice Byrne says:

    Tranquility spa

  39. Stephen Barry says:

    Tranquility Spa

  40. Jennifer Donohoe says:

    The Tranquility Spa, what a lovely prize this would be to win!

  41. Tranquility Spa

    I would take my best friend, also a single Mammy. We both could really do with this right now.

  42. It’s called the tranquillity spa.

  43. Caroline Cawley says:

    The Tranquility Spa ❤

  44. Nicola Smith says:

    ❤️ The Tranquility Spa ❤️

  45. Mary E O Callaghan says:

    The tranquillity spa.

  46. Omg would love the break away. The tranquility spa. Xx

  47. Alison walshe says:

    Tranquility spa.

  48. The Tranquility Spa, sounds bliss!

  49. The Tranquility Spa, looks amazing!

  50. Martina Doody says:

    The Tranquility spa

  51. Tranquility spa!

  52. Lorraine Weldon says:

    The Tranquility Spa

  53. Dearbhla Brown says:

    The Tranquility Spa

  54. The Tranquillity Spa

  55. The Tranquility Spa

  56. sharon corrigan says:

    The tranquility spa, lovely prize

  57. Eeva Helminen says:

    Tranquillity Spa

  58. Marisa McMillan says:

    The Tranquility Spa

  59. That answer is.. The tranquility spa

  60. Sinead Weafer says:

    The tranquillity spa

  61. Roisin dunne says:

    Tranquility spa

  62. Tranquility spa & Leisure my god I need this

  63. Jannet Aylward says:

    The tranquillity Spa

  64. Tranquility Spa

  65. The tranquility spa, in Clayton whites Wexford

  66. Lea Anne Daniels says:

    The Tranquility Spa!!

  67. mairead white says:

    THE TRANQUILITY SPA.. Lovely prize!

  68. Michelle Daly says:

    The Tranquility Spa

  69. Anna O'Sullivan says:

    The tranquility spa, would love this prize:)

  70. Caitriona Kennedy says:

    Tranquillity Spa

  71. The Tranquillity spa

  72. Tranquility spa

  73. Fiona Freaney says:

    The Tranquility Spa.

  74. The Tranquility Spa

  75. Claire Scally says:

    The Tranquillity Spa

  76. Joanne Roche says:

    The Tranquility Spa

  77. The Tranquility Spa.Looks amazing,fabulous prize,just what everyone needs with the stress of back to school! <3

  78. The Tranquillity Spa☺ Fantastic prize Rose x

  79. adele meenan says:

    Tranquillity Spa

  80. jacqueine mckenna says:

    The Tranquility Spa

  81. aisling conroy says:

    The tranquility spa

  82. Helen cassidy says:

    Tranquility spa.

  83. The Tranquility Spa – wow what an amazing prize – just what the doctor ordered!!!!

  84. Sarah-Kate McConnell says:

    The Tranquility Spa

  85. Eilish O'Gorman says:

    The Tranquility Spa – looks fantastic

  86. Tranquility Spa.

  87. Eileen Brady says:

    The Tranquility Spa

  88. the tranquillity spa

  89. Katrin Coffey says:

    The spa is called ‘The Tranquillity Spa’

  90. Tranquillity spa

  91. Tranquility spa

  92. Sinead Flanagan says:

    tranquility spa

  93. The Tranquility Spa

  94. Nicole Forde says:

    Tranquility Spa

  95. The Tranquillity Spa

  96. Rebecca OBrien says:

    The Tranquillity Spa

  97. Tranquillity Spa

  98. The Tranquility Spa…. Would love it but good luck everyone x

  99. Deirdre Mcdonagh says:

    The tranquility spa

  100. The Tranquillity Spa. Lovely lovely prize

  101. Helen Murphy says:

    Tranquillity Spa

  102. The Tranquillity Spa

  103. Máire Griffin says:

    Tranquility Spa

  104. Audrey Minto says:

    The Tranquillity Spa

  105. Sabrina Flynn says:

    The Tranquillity Spa

  106. Deirdre Tunney says:

    It would be a dream to stay here. Such a fab hotel in a great town. The Tranquility Spa would be the icing on the cake though!! Everything crossed for this one x

  107. Jacqueline Kennedy says:

    Tranquility Spa

  108. The Tranquility Spa is the answer, unfortunately I never win anything but will throw my hat in the ring as people say. Thank you

  109. The Tranquility Spa

  110. Deirdre Tunney says:

    The Tranquility Spa

  111. The tranquility spa

  112. Tranquility Spa

  113. The Tranquility Spa


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