Holidays Abroad – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions:

We are always asked a question that has either been asked and answered before, or one which has never been thought of, so as these questions come in we’ll list them here for everyone to read. Hope this helps!


When should I book my flights?

When you have chosen your holiday, it will detail a date by which the non-refundable deposit should be paid. You can book your flights anytime after this date.

What if I need to cancel after I’ve paid the initial deposit?

This deposit is non-refundable should you decide to cancel once it has been paid, as it is with these funds that we pay the Villa their booking deposit to secure the property.


How do I know who I’m sharing with?

Shortly after the booking deposits have been paid, and the Villa secured, everyone will be notified of the other One Parent Families they’ll be sharing their Villa with.


I want to make sure there are other children there the same age as mine, how do I do that?

There is no way of guaranteeing how many boys and girls will be on each holiday, nor their ages, but you should use our Parents Forum to start a topic and see who else is interested in going before you decide.


What if I have to cancel but have paid the full amount due?

If you have paid the full balance of the holiday and unfortunately have to cancel, then we first attempt to re-sell your room in the Villa. If we manage to re-sell your room we will deduct the initial deposit of €100 and refund you the balance. If we cannot re-sell your room then we cannot refund your payment.


Why can’t you book my flights for me?

We do not have a Travel Agents License, so cannot book any flights on your behalf.


Do you include travel insurance?

We do not provide travel insurance, so you should purchase this separately for your holiday.



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