We have some beautiful spots all over this island, just waiting for you to explore. Perfect for a short break without having to go too far, and a great way to meet other single parent families.

First timers are sometimes nervous or anxious about how the Group Trips will go or what they can expect, but once they take the plunge there are no regrets. Many of our families have made firm friends and meet regularly, others keep in touch and plan to meet on future Group Trips.

So have a look through our future Group Trips here, where we stay national and travel to all corners of the country. Or if a holiday abroad is what you’re looking for, we’ve got that covered too, just click here for Sun Holidays, or try one of our fantastic Fun Holidays.

4* Easter Break in Wexford, March 26th 2018

Wexford Adventure & Glamping, April 3rd 2018

Glamping on Cape Clear Island, June 24th 2018 – FULLY BOOKED!

Glamping in Cork, June 25th 2018

Glamping in Cavan, July 13th & August 12th 2018

Glamping in Donegal, August 14th & 24th 2018



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  1. Sharon Cunningham says:

    Have you any upcoming holiday groups that I might join. I live in galway and would like to take my 11 year old daughter for a holiday late july or early august….would appreciate offers for within ireland and abroad. I wouldnt travel on my own
    thank you

    Sharon Cunningham

  2. Sarah Clifford says:

    Looking for a suitable holiday for me and my 11 year old daughter. Living in dublin

  3. Anne McTigue O'Connor says:

    Hi ya,

    Looking for a good value sun holiday abroad for my almost 10 year old son and I for early August, can’the do from Aug 10th_17th.

    First time just him and me planning trip abroad.

    Thank you,


  4. Shanice Doyle says:

    Looking for a holiday suitable for myself and my 2.5 year old in Ireland
    Living in Dublin

    • Hi Shanice, most of the holidays are suitable for younger children, but I would suggest the Glamping as one which will giv eyou both a great holiday. The hotels in ireland mostly have a minimum age of 3 or 4yrs for the Kids Club, whereas when Glamping the children are safe to explore and run free, while always being in sight of the parents, as we have the run of the site. Both Carrick on Shannon and Slane are perfect spots, and we’re heading there twice in Jule and August. Another trip is that to Wicklow, as it’s a water park, glamping and loads of outdoor play areas. Let me know what you think!

  5. Isabelle Murphy says:


    I live in Waterford with my little one year old. Is there any breaks away that would be appropriate for us?

    • Hi Isabelle, As hotels in Ireland don’t usually accommodate younger kids in their supervised Kids Club, you would be better off joining a group which already has a toddler so you wouldn’t be the only one with a baby. There is a 2yo going to Carrick on Shannon July 9th, which is a fantastic spot for children of all ages because of the freedom of the site. Another 2yo is booked into Killaloe August 6th, and another Glamping trip to Slane August 20th has a 2yo. There are a couple of smaller babies in the group heading to Carrick on Shannon August 20th, but at the moment there’s a waitlist for tents, unless you’d like to bring our own. Let me know what you think!

      • Was there a glamping trip organised for Wicklow already? I’m very nervous but would like to get away. I don’t drive, so closer to Waterford would be cheaper. I might consider the Killaloe trip, when is the last dates for bookings?

        • Hi Isabelle, the last dates for bookings depends on how quickly the property gets booked out. If you’d like me to send on the booking details just let me know, and in the meantime I’m hoping to add another August trip so with any luck it’ll be closer to home for you 🙂

  6. Stephen D says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a great spot for me and my 7 year old daughter end of August. Any recommendations?

    • Hi Stephen, the hotel we’re going to in Wexford August 13th is a favourite for kids and parents, we’ve been there a few times and it’s always amazing, or if you like Glamping we have a group heading to Slane August 20th, another fantastic spot. When you decide on one just let me know and I’ll send on the booking details 🙂

  7. Anthony Kelly says:

    Hi I’m interested but my kids are girl 15 and son 11 I’m 45 I’m just wondering are there gonna be kids there age to play with and get to know as I wouldn’t feel comfortable if all only young kids I hope you understand my position just wanted to get some advice thanks

    • Hi Anthony, we have quite a few families with children in their teens, and I can always let you know what ages are already booked on any holiday you’re interested in. I also introduce the parents before each trip, to give everyone a chance to say hi, share travel info, etc. Is there a particular holiday you’re interested in?


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