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Competition Closed!

For our first competition of the week, we’re going to start off with a warm-up prize. Something small but delightful, suitable for both boys and girls of all ages to fuel their imagination.


The Irish Fairy Door Company have very generously offered one of their magical Fairy Doors up for a new address, for a deserving family who will promise to look after the door and the gentle fairy who resides inside. We have a Blue Fairy Door to giveaway, which can put put inside or outside, wherever you’d like the Fairy to have their new street address.


Give your Fairy a quiet corner of the garden, bring them into your bedroom or find a part of the house where they’ll be in the middle of everything. Wherever you decide to put the door, the Fairy can make a home for themselves, and will be able to come and go as they please.


The door comes with everything you need to help your Fairy set up their new home, with a glass bottle containing the tiny door key you should leave outside it once the door is in it’s place, inside or outside. When the magic key has gone in the morning, your fairy has arrived!

If you would like to win this wonderful Fairy Door, simply answer the question below:

Name just one of the Fairy Trails listed on The Irish Fairy Door Company website

Write your answer in the comments below, winner will be chosen at random, and Good Luck!

(Enter Tuesday’s Competition HERE)



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  1. Great fairy trail at Tymon Park

  2. Fairy Trail at Wells house and Gardens

  3. Athea fairy mountain.

  4. Athea Fairy Mountain : )

  5. Corkagh Park

  6. Athea Fairy Mountain

  7. Deirdre mc donagh says:

    Athea fairy mountain

  8. Corkagh Park – Happy birthday!

  9. Happy birthday – Corkagh Park!

  10. Lucan Dememase lucan village

  11. Crokagh Park, keeping everything crossed for a win ..

  12. Athea fairy mountain

  13. Crokagh Park 🙂

  14. amanda ronan says:

    Fairy trail at wells house and garden
    Happy birthday!

  15. Donna Blackburn says:

    The Fairy Wood Corkagh Park 🙂

  16. Athea Fairy Mountain

    Happy Birthday

  17. Corkagh park

  18. Athea fairy mountain ! Congratulations and happy birthday thanks for all your hard work single parent holidays are needed and your both brilliant to organize them and the weeks giveaway ! It’s nice bit of fun too !

  19. Fairy wood in Corkagh park. Enjoy the week!!

  20. Athea Fairy Mountain

  21. corkagh park fairy tail

  22. Athea fairy mountain

  23. Lorraine O'Reardon says:

    Tymon Park


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