Naples June 18th

A beautiful city rich with culture and history is waiting to be explored. Join us for a City break to Naples in June 2020, and expose your family to some of the world’s most beautiful buildings, art and culture.

I have found a beautiful Four Star hotel right in the heart of the city and within easy access to everything this beautiful city has to offer. Arrive at your leisure to Naples Airport on Thursday June 18th and private transfers will take you directly to your city-centre hotel for three nights stay.

Your staying on a B&B basis, and with a warm, informal atmosphere and a historical setting, the restaurant serves local and traditional food infused with Mediterranean flavors and savoir-faire.

Your days will be spent navigating the city and exploring the enchanting architecture and decoration of the stately buildings near your elegant hotel, Palazzo Caracciolo Napoli MGallery by Sofitel. Delve into Naples’ past and explore the antique shops on nearby via Foria, and that’s just for starters.

Mount Veuvius might be one of the most famous volcanoes, and The Vesuvius National Park is characterized by various paths that lead to the crater of the volcano, which has been dormant for years. It’s a walk that always intrigues the little ones thanks to the beautiful nature and the particular lava flows, sometimes visible on the path.

The visit to Naples Underground is a mystical experience both for adults and children who can learn the history of the city and discover an intrigue side of Naples, made by tunnels, darkness and magic stories.

The City of Science is a scientific museum that allows families and especially children to approach science through games and fun experiments for all ages. Inside the museum you will also find a dining area and souvenir shops.

Il Teatro dei Piccoli is a project promoted by Naples’s municipality that provide a theatrical space to children, to allow them to get closer to music, cinema and theatrical arts. The perfect spot to spend an afternoon or a pleasant evening with your child enjoying a unique show.

There’s also Naples Aquarium, Naples Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, and plenty of outdoor spaces for children. The playgrounds in Naples are a meeting place for children and their companions where children can run, let off steam and have fun. If a bigger day out is what you’re looking for, there are Themed Parks within easy reach of the city.

Panda Park, a small amusement park close to the Virgiliano Park and includes several miniature rides such as: The tower, the roller coaster, a train, a mini-bumper and more. It has a relaxation area dedicated to parents and a refreshment point. Another option is Magic World, a water park as well as an amusement park. During the Summer there are pools with numerous slides of different shapes, color and sizes. It hosts many rides dedicated to Disney cartoons and the entrance is reminiscent of Alladin’s palace. There is also the Cavalieri Country Club (parco avventura) and the recently re-opened Edenlandia, famous for its warm atmosphere.

Along with so many attractions to keep everyone busy, just walking through the cobbled streets will bring you up close to some of the most beautiful Renaissance architecture of the period. No tour of the city can ever be complete without experiencing its splendid architecture or visiting the age old churches, buildings and piazzas.

So join us in June 2020 for three nights B&B, Airport Transfers included from Naples Airport, prices as follows:

1 adult & 1 child€620
1 adult & 2 children€720

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