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santa 13cockpitAtlantic AirVenture

Captain Claus will be waiting to meet in his flight deck of the BAe 146 Ideal for Santa’s requirements, this aircraft is nicknamed the Whisper Jet, because with its 4 smaller jet engines its very quiet and can land into short runways and built up city airports without waking anyone. Small eyes will be amazed at all the switches and dials in the cockpit that are used for the long flight around the world on Christmas Eve.
Or…take a seat behind the controls of an airliner, the most popular one in the world, the Boeing 737- 800NG. Experience the sights sounds and sensations of flight, but from the Captains seat. 15 mile Approach and Landing into snow covered Lapland International Airport, this is an experience they will remember for years to come! 

NB All Flights are Simulated!

Atlantic AirVenture Aviation Centre, Shannon, Co. Clare



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