Tralee Camping List

Some parents have asked what they need to bring for this camping trip, because it’s not just our first trip as a group, but some parents haven’t been camping with small children before. Adding to that, the campsite has some fantastic facilities, which means this camping trip will be easier than most, and you might not need everything you think.


Evening meals are included on Friday, Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday nights, so your supplies for food will depend on how many nights, and which nights, you’ll be joining us. We’d suggest a cooler for keeping things such as milk, cheese, bread, meats, sauces, juice etc cool and fresh, with ice packs frozen and packed in with the food. The kind of food you bring, and the amount, depends on whether you’d like to eat out or use the facilities on site to make meals, and keep in mind that grocery shopping is within walking distance of the campsite. The kitchen includes a microwave and all-weather BBQ & Picnic Area, so there’s no need to bring a little cooking stove or anything like that if you don’t have one.


For your camping equipment, you definitely can’t do without the following:

Tent; sleeping bags; ground mats, yoga mats or blow up mattresses; pillows; extra blankets; towels; flashlight and batteries; kitchen utensils (as below); camp chairs, loungers, picnic blankets  and picnic table if you want one.

For kitchen utensils we’d suggested picnic cutlery, paper plates, napkins, and plastic or tin cups, along with things such as tinfoil, skewers, tongs, a small frying or saucepan, wooden spoon and one or two sharp knives. Basic requirements would include plastic bags for rubbish and laundry, toilet paper, wet wipes, plasters, scissors, bug spray and sun lotion, but I’m sure we’re forgetting something!


In addition you’d have to include clothes and shoes for all weather, from swim suits to wellies, and any outdoor toys, games and sports equipment, bikes, trikes, skateboards and boogieboards you think will be fun for the kids to play with.

Dogs are also welcome at this site, but would have to be on a leash all the time, and of course cleaned-up after 🙂 This is the friendly resident campsite dog, Finn:


If we’re leaving anything out please let us know in the comments below, and hopefully we’ll see you there!