Tropical Islands, October 2017

Another stunning property, just 60km south of Berlin in the wonderful Spreewall Forest and a host to vast array of activities, entertainmen hit, and chances to relax in these beautiful surroundings, is the Tropical Islands Resort.


A break at Tropical Islands means swimming, diving or just unwinding at the Tropical Sea or Lagoon, visiting the world’s biggest indoor rainforest or getting your adrenalin pumping on Germany’s highest water-slide tower, plus lots of other great attractions.


The Tropical Sauna & Spa complex spreads over 10,000 m2 and is perfect for a massage or relaxing in one of the seven different saunas and steam-baths after an exciting day in the Tropics.


Discover Tropical Islands AMAZONIA, the new outdoor area, open all year round, with its swimming pools, Whitewater River and sports facilities. It features large open spaces that are designed for you to enjoy, from our many sporting activities to bathing in the sun for that perfect tan or simply just to relax and enjoy guaranteed day with the entire family. Amongst all our fascinating pools lies our gem, the Whitewater River with a jet stream on a length of 250 meters making it one of Germany’s unique adventures.


The enormous dome was originally built as an airship hangar for the German company, The Tropical Islands Dome is gigantic. In fact, it is one of the world´s largest self-supporting halls in the world: 360 metres long, 210 metres wide and an incredible 107 metres high.


At Tropical Islands, the air temperature is 25°C and humidity a pleasant 40 – 60%, perfect conditions for plants from all over the world. There is also under-floor heating in the Lagoon and the Tropical Sea area, so visitors do not get cold feet A complex climate control and irrigation system guarantees that the various temperature zones are maintained in the Dome.


The indirect lighting system provides sufficient light in the Dome, even in the middle of winter. The light and heat create perfect conditions for our plants, and visitors can get a natural tan. The 7,000 m³ of water in the Tropical Sea (28°C) and Lagoon (32°C) are cleaned using the latest ozone filter technology. This makes the water quality equivalent to that of drinking water. The pools themselves are constructed of stainless steel for optimum hygiene. The water has a maximum depth of 1.35 metres.


Pull up a sun lounger and take the weight off your feet! The Tropical Sea (200 meters long) is the perfect place to enjoy the beach or take a dip in the balmy waters. For our youngest visitors there is a paddling area with fun-packed water toys and the sandy beach is just perfect for building sandcastles under the palm trees. Explore our boat “Princes Moanna“ on the horizon, filled with mysteries, action, fun and very cool waterslides.


Sandstone and palm trees, Balinese huts, a kulkut watchtower and the authentic Monkey Rock transfers you to Bali, the Hindu Island of the Gods. A grotto and a waterfall complete the perfect jungle setting. Dare the speed of the current canal, be adventurous and try the submerged waterslides or simply let your worries float away in our whirlpools, and after dark, indirect lights create a beautiful calming atmosphere.


The 27 metre high waterslide tower at Tropical Islands is great fun for the entire family. It has four different water slides, ranging from a leisurely family slide to a high-speed turbo slide reaching speeds of up to 70 km/h (for over 15yrs only!)


Kids love splashing about in the warm tropical waters of Tropical Islands. There is fun and games in the Tropino Club for Kids and a paddling area by the Tropical Sea with a kids water slide, water barrel, fountain and water play table.

csm_2-3-4bg_kinderbecken2_24b230ac68The Tropino Club for Kids is a paradise for children. Here kids can scramble around the huge climbing area, shoot foam balls in the softball arena, experiment with XXL Lego blocks, race around the go-cart track in mini cars and explore the high seas in power paddlers and bumper boats. The air hockey tables are another guaranteed source of fun.csm_2-4-3bg_tropino-kinderclub_9ac22518ecMini Cars, Bumper Boats, Power Paddlers and Air Hockey are just a few of the things the children have to choose from. Children are not supervised in these areas but childcare is available if you’d like to take some Spa Time.There are scheduled activities during the Summer months, as follows:

Program in the Tropino Club for Kids
1.00 p.m. Sport, Games and Creativity
2.30 p.m. Treasure Hunt (thematic Treasure Hunt, e.g. Pirates, Indians)
4.00 p.m. Kids Party

There is also a family program twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4.30pm – 6.30pm.


Stroll through our boulevard and experience the convenience of shopping, leisure and entertainment in a Tropical majestic setting. Need some reading matter for the beach? The Boulevard provides comprehensive shopping options such as Book Shop, Surf Shop and Candy Shop for those who appreciates the sweeter things in life! For an unforgettable holiday moment have the motif of your choice sprayed on your skin with an airbrush.csm_ti_acc_juniorsuite_waterfall7_2000x860_ea933d207dNEW: For further entertainment visit Treasure Island, where you can take your pick from a selection of video games. Tokens are available at the Tropino Club for Kids.The Tropical Village is a unique collection of traditional buildings from around the Tropics. It is also home to most of the restaurants and cafés at Tropical Islands – including our famous Tropical Barbecue inside the elegant Thai House.csm_1t9k8877__1__2__3_fused_6f4708fc2dEver since the beginning of time, people have been longing to fly. Now you can make the dream come true – with a breathtaking ride in a Tropical Islands tethered or free-floating balloon. The tethered balloon takes two passengers at a time and rises up to 60 metres on the South Sea.
Our traditional free-floating balloon has enough room for the whole family and takes you on a journey across Tropical Islands at a height of around 22 metres.csm_ti_ballon4_rgb_13ce7c78efThe Tropical Islands Rainforest covers an area of 10,000 m² and is home to around 50,000 plants of 600 different varieties – from traveller’s palms to Bengal trumpets.csm_ti_spa_angkor-wat4_rgb_c7c085aadcExplore this unique natural treasure by following the kilometre-long trail into the heart of the Rainforest. Turtles and dragonfish bustle about the mangrove swamps. Tropical Islands is also home to flamingos, macaws, peacocks and pheasants.csm_ti_mangroove3_rgb_51d5800873Your accommodation is just a stone’s throw from the Tropics, where you can enjoy all the comforts of home within walking distance of everything the Tropical Islands has to offer.


The holiday homes are located right next door to Tropical Islands, and close by the unique Spreewald forest and the Dahme-Heideseen Nature Reserve.dti631_main_10Included during your stay is full access to Tropical World all day on your arrival, with the accommodation available for check-in from 4pm, and after you check-out on the day of departure you can enjoy a few hours fun before you have to leave for the airport.
Each house has a TV and DVD player, Air Conditioning, WLAN (Wifi), Wood-burning stove, Fully equipped kitchen and living area and private outdoor terrace. With two families sharing each house, the cost is more affordable and you get plenty of value for money.
Depending on the size of your family, you’ll have plenty of room to spread out, with one bedroom for 1 adult & 1 child, and two bedrooms for families with 1 adult & 2 or 3 children. Prices include transfers from Berlin Schonefeld Airport (SXF) to Tropical Islands on Friday October 27th, returning Friday November 3rd, as usual FLIGHTS NOT INCLUDED but you should book this directly here to ensure you’re all on the same flight. At the time of going to press prices were just €117 each.
Prices below also include 7 nights self-catering in onsite holidays homes with daily access to Tropical Islands Water Park & Resort, including the new Outdoor Amazonia, as follows:

1 adult & 1 child – €750

1 adult & 2 children – €1035

1 adult & 3 children – €1085

Contact Us now to book, just mention Tropical Islands!