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Wednesday Competition


Siobhan Flynn


Competition now closed

Another fantastic destination we visited twice this year, and will definitely be making a few return trips in 2017, is Rock Farm Slane. This eco-farm promotes a self-sustaining way of life while still managing to be a luxury relaxing glamping destination.


They offer a selection of Yurts, Shepherds Huts and Bell Tents, all furnished to the highest standard for optimum comfort.


The communal area has everything you need for self-catering, with a fully equipped kitchen area and indoor and outdoor dining options. You can also use the Pizza Oven and BBQ area for a delicious dinner, then head down to the campfire for some marshmallow roasting and a sing-song.


If that’s not enough for you they have onsite activities such as kayaking on the river, tree-climbing and electric bike rental to explore the local area. An outdoor Hot Tub to look at the stars on an evening, and a lovely tree-swing while you watch Slane Castle across the river makes for a perfect little holiday away from it all.


Rock Farm Slane have very generously given us a voucher for two nights stay in one of their glamping units, for one adult and up to three children midweek, and for a chance to win just check out their events page here and answer the following question:

On what date does the Straw Festival begin?

Answer in the comments below, winner will be chosen at random tomorrow (Thursday Sept 8th) at noon, and Good Luck!





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  1. Claire Scally says:

    25th September 2016

  2. Michelle Daly says:

    22nd September

  3. Straw festival is the last weekend in june

  4. mairead white says:

    25 September 2016

  5. Olivine Finn says:


  6. 25th September

  7. 25/09 2016

  8. James Coffey says:

    25th September 2016

  9. 25th September, 2016

  10. Sinead Weafer says:

    25th September. Amazing prize

  11. Lisa LEstrange says:

    25th September

  12. 25th September

  13. Stephen Barry says:

    22 september

  14. 25th September 🙂

  15. Helen Murphy says:

    25th September 2016

  16. Dearbhla Brown says:

    25th September

  17. Deirdre Tunney says:

    September 25th

  18. Next year it’s on 30th July to 7th august

  19. 25 September 2016

  20. Eeva Helminen says:

    25th September 2016

  21. It begins on 25th September 2016.

  22. jeanne moore says:

    On the 25th September! we’d love to go back to slane!


  23. Siobhan Flynn says:

    The 25th of September 2016. Lovely prize and what a fantastic place… I never knew about it before this competition.

  24. nieve malone says:

    Straw Festival beings 25th September 2016

  25. Michelle Hayes says:

    25 th September

  26. Cathy O'Loughlin says:

    25th Sept.

  27. Tracey Berns says:

    25th September, 2016

  28. 25th September

  29. 25th September 2016

  30. Sandra Langan says:

    25th September

  31. Anna O'Sullivan says:

    25th September

  32. 25th September 2016

  33. 25th September

  34. Aisling Collins says:

    25th September Straw Fedtival

  35. 25th september

  36. Straw festival begins 25/9/16

  37. Mary E O Callaghan says:

    25th September 2016

  38. 25th September 2016

  39. Aisling Conroy says:

    25th September 2016

  40. Martina Doody says:

    25th September 2016

  41. Susan Duffin says:

    25th 🙂

  42. Caroline Reilly says:

    25th September

  43. The festival begins this year on the 25th of September. Fantastic prize. Always wanted to stay there, looks incredible.

  44. Sharon Crandall says:

    September 25th! Thank you! Xx

  45. 25th sept

  46. The last full weekend in june.

  47. Caroline Cawley says:

    25th September 2016

  48. Hi there.
    Just to cover all angles..Sunday 25th September 2016 and next year’s takes place on Sunday 24th 2017!
    Whoever gets it, have a great time

  49. Marie Moloney says:


  50. 25th September

  51. 25th September

  52. Ann-Marie Vereker says:

    25th September 2016

  53. Vanessa O Callaghan says:

    The straw festival is on the 25th of September in 2016 🙂 🙂

  54. 22nd of September.
    Had a fab stay here with my daughter during the summer thanks to Rose for her great organisational skills

  55. OMG yes. Love this place..25th September

  56. 25 th sept 2016!

  57. Cathy mchale says:

    25th sept

  58. Having just spent one of the best. Few day there this year I can only dream. 25 sept

  59. 25th september 2016…. this would definitely make our birthday month!!!! A wonderful place & our 2nd oph outing….definitely going back here xx

  60. Fiona Freaney says:

    25th of September, this place looks fab….

  61. 25th September 2016

  62. Lorraine Ní Bhealatúin says:

    25th September. Fantastic prize!!

  63. 25th September:)

  64. 25th September. Great prize!!

  65. Jannet Aylward says:

    25th september 2016. Fantastic prize.

  66. September 25th we think.

  67. 25th September. I could really do with this, pretty please 🙂

  68. 25th of September the straw festival begins……

  69. 2016-09-22 14:00:00

  70. 25th September 2016 13:00:00

  71. 25th September…….

  72. 25th September

  73. 25th September

  74. michelle nally says:

    25th september

  75. Day 3 of Competition Answer 25th September 2016 – Straw festival

  76. Blanaid dwyer says:

    The 25th September! Woohooooo!

  77. Ailbhe Martyn says:

    25th of September

  78. Aoife Cahill says:

    Straw Festival is the 25th September

  79. 25 September 2016 happy birthday

  80. Catherine Darby says:

    25th sept

  81. 25th Sept

  82. September 25th

  83. Angela mitcgell says:

    25th September

  84. caitriona grant says:

    25th September 2016

  85. caitriona grant says:

    25th sept 2016

  86. 25th September 2016 love camping

  87. 25th September

  88. 25th September 2016

  89. 25th September 2016

  90. 25 September

  91. The Straw Festival will begin on 25th September 2016!


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